What is Smith.ai?

Smith.ai is a superior virtual receptionist service for live phone calls and website chat. Their U.S. based, AI-enhanced professional receptionists provide the experience of an in-house receptionist and the efficiency and accuracy of a software company. 

Smith.ai's Exclusive AEA Member Offer

AEA Member Offer:

AEA members receive the following benefits:

  • Use code AEA50 for $50 off your first month of live calls or website chat. 
  • This stacks on top of our 10-call ($70 value) /5-chat ($60 value) free trial, for a total discount of $110-$120.
  • AEA members can also take advantage of a 5% discount when they sign up for both live calls and website chat
  • Plus, instead of opting for our regular month-to-month plans, members may choose an annual plan paid upfront for 15% off.

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