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How to NOT Lose Great Clients For Your Law Firm

More than ever before, a commitment to customer experience is becoming the key differentiator and driver of growth for all kinds of businesses, including law firms. But lawyers are trained to practice law – they are not trained in how to generate a quality customer experience and some critical moments in the client journey are often overlooked. Sam Schwartz from Abby Connect has stepped in to provide some practical tips for optimizing your resources and processes around the customer experience that will win you business.

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During this live webinar, we will answer the following questions & more!

What makes potential clients contact and hire your competitors?

Who do you need on your team to help win your incoming business?

Why customer care and an optimized intake processes will secure you more clients?

How to set expectations for the level of service your firm will provide, and build trust and confidence from the start?

Why customer care and an optimized intake processes will secure you more clients?

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About Your Hosts

Travis Hise - AEA

Travis Hise | Association of Entrepreneurial Attorneys

  • Helped hundreds of attorneys improve their marketing results and streamline business practices
  • A national authority on law firm technology
  • Uses advanced technologies to reach audiences, grow profitability, and create a competitive edge for his clients  

Sam Schwartz | Abby Connect

  • Serves as the Director of Marketing at Abby Connect, a customer service and experience-focused legal industry phone answering solution based in Las Vegas.  
  • Leverages a unique background in business analytics, lead generation, earned media growth and marketing strategy having built her career through start-ups, agencies and graduate school teaching.
  • Has spent the last 2 years promoting the ever-growing value of excellent end-to-end customer service for small to medium sized businesses as critical to marketing and business strategy.  

How to NOT Lose Great Clients For Your Law Firm