Some of the non-lawyer marketing conferences we attend are so helpful, advanced, and up-to-date that the lawyer marketing and management conferences we come to afterwards are a huge letdown.

The dated information, lack of specific recommendations, year-after-year repetition, and flat out faulty advice provided at these legal conferences have driven us to create an alternative, higher-value gathering. Our first annual conference, to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, will include:


1. Specific, Personalized Recommendations

Upon signup for the conference, our team of experts will evaluate your site and other public aspects of your firm and create a package of recommended improvements handed to you at the beginning of the conference.

We frequently find that lawyers think they should be working on improving items A and B, when actually they should be addressing shortcomings X, Y, and Z.  These personalized recommendations will help you focus during the conference on the high-ROI changes you can make at your firm.

2. Take-Home Action Checklist

At the final sessions you will be handed an action checklist that will list the several specific, high-value items our experts recommend you work on improving.  Detailed implementation steps will be included, along with links to helpful resources.

3. One-On-One Discussions

Our experts will be available after the final sessions, so you can bring any remaining questions about your challenges to one-on-one sit-downs for advice tailored to your firm.


We will be addressing high-value, hot-button issues like:

  • Developing A Diverse Marketing Plan For Your Firm.
  • Is Your SEO/PPC Firm Delivering What It Should? What Is BS And What Works?
  • Social Media Ads vs. Google Ads.  Which Work Better for Lawyers?
  • Using Technology To Convert Prospects Into Clients.
  • How to Get More Online Reviews, with Handouts.
  • Marketing Automation: The Best Systems For Your Firm.
  • Social Media: What is Working for Other Attorneys
  • Google Local: How to Win the Increasingly Competitive Local Search Battle

  • Easy Wins in Improving Conversions. And Some Harder Ones.
  • Newsletter Marketing: Your Key to Rising Above the Competition.
  • Direct Mail and Books. Costs and Benefits.
  • Referrals: How To Get Them and Keep Getting Them.
  • Video Marketing Works. Most Lawyers Don’t Use It, but You Should.
  • Using LiveStreaming To Reach Your Target Market
  • Management Expectations: How Your Staff Can Help With Conversion
  • Your Dashboard: Numbers You Should Know, Benchmarks You Should Hit