Meet The Speakers

Travis Hise



Travis Hise is the CEO of James Attorney Marketing in Orange County, CA. For the past decade, he has helped hundreds of law firms improve their marketing results and streamline business practices. He knows what works and how to implement the changes needed with minimum disruption. Travis and his expert team meticulously track progress—giving clients a clear view of top performing marketing sources and retention rates. 

With a unique blend of marketing savvy, technical and business acumen, and sales process understanding, Travis is able to think strategically and execute tactically. He is adept at using advanced marketing technologies (marketing automation, lead generation, social media, and SEO) to reach audiences, grow profitability, and create a competitive edge for his clients.  

Shawn Buck


Shaun Buck is focused on growth strategies for law firms across the country and specializes in marketing strategies that dramatically increase referrals. For over a decade, he has been helping businesses double and triple the number of new clients they receive. He currently owns and operates The Newsletter Pro, based out of Boise, Idaho. Although The Newsletter Pro has only been operating for seven years, Shaun and his 60+ member team have grown the company into the nation’s largest custom print newsletter company — printing and mailing millions of newsletters annually for diverse industries spread across four countries.  

In 2015, Shaun and The Newsletter Pro landed at No. 120 on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list with a phenomenal growth rate of 2,975%, and then made a list the second year in a row by landing at No. 343 in 2016. This year, their team hit the Inc. 5000 list, which is a testament to their continued efforts to excel and grow. He is a regular contributor to and is the author of The Ultimate Guide To Newsletters.  

Mitch Jackson


Jon Mitchell “Mitch” Jackson, Esq. is a Social Media and Live Streaming Consultant. A veteran in law and business with 30 years of jury trials, business presentations, and speaking experience, he first started to achieve success well before and then during the development of the Internet as we know it. Beginning with his first website back in 1996, Mr. Jackson has used the internet and specifically, social media platforms, to expand his sphere of influence on a global level. Known as the Streaming Lawyer, when he’s not trying cases, Mr. Jackson enjoys combining Law, Technology, and Social Media to help show entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals how to effectively build their brand, expand their sphere of influence, and create top-of-mind awareness on the social media and digital platforms.  

Jennifer Quinn


Jennifer Quinn (AKA “JennyQ”) is the leading consultant, speaker, host, and author in internet livestreaming. Over the years, she has helped professionals experience how livestreaming helps increase their authority, credibility, and top-of-mind awareness with their prospects and clientele. Livestreaming opens up the world to your business in a way never before possible. JennyQ wants you to be part of the technological revolution that is building business, in real-time, all around the world. Using Jennifer’s techniques, live video can increase your client base and revenues, regardless of whether your business is local or global.  

Dave Tester


Dave pushes others to see the greatest in themselves- Dave is the CEO of Tester Broadcast, A group of five radio stations in the Radio Market. After 20 years as a television and radio on-ar broadcaster, he’s been fortunate enough to rain a substantial financial interest in this great industry. “My passion is translating what I have learned from a number of sports legends into great sales and motivational training for people and businesses across the country.” His training tools, if used everyday, will help you have a more fulfilling way of life, both at home and at work. Dave Tester offers a unique call capture service that enables him to examine each sales professional’s performance at a nearly surgical level and coach for individual success. He also offers ‘ride alongs’ in which he goes with and guides account executives while calling on actual clients.  

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