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Mastering Your Digital Marketing


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We’ll be deep diving into:

  • Search Engine Optimization – Local Search & Content
  • CRM & Automation – How To Use A CRM To Generate More Return
  • Reviews – How To Get Them & Why You Need Them
  • Pay-Per-Click – How To Consistently Generate a 5 To 1 Return

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How One Bankruptcy Lawyer Uses Long-Tail Keywords to Increase Search Engine Rank
This wise marketer provides several pearls about reviews, websites, optimization, Adwords, and overall strategy.

Computer Entrepreneur Turned Family Lawyer Uses Business Lessons Previously Learned
With effective marketing and a good business plan, going solo straight out of law school can be profitable.

Novel Marketing Tactics Boost a New Law Firm to Leadership
In less than two years these lawyers built the largest criminal defense practice in the county.

A Steady Flow Of Clients Using Techniques From Other Industries
This “credit solutions” lawyer found success using a combination of four common marketing techniques that he tweaked to fit his practice.

High ROI For NYC Divorce Attorney From 2 Marketing Investments
Reputation management and client-oriented office procedures deliver clients for this longtime divorce lawyer.

Injury Lawyer Succeeds With In-House Marketing, Landing Pages, & Rapid Response
Here is valuable advice from an internet veteran who has learned many marketing lessons over the years.

Focusing On A Niche
After failing with flyers, social media, and his first niche, this immigration attorney found a winning path. Here are details on the avenues working for him.

TV Appearances & A Robust Online Presence Generate Leads
A smart and active marketer successfully leverages several channels.

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The second best time is now."

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The Association of Entrepreneurial Attorneys is rapidly adding resources that will help your firm deliver more value to its
prospects and clients. Currently available are:

One of the more time-intensive tasks in the new inbound marketing world is creating all the content needed to draw prospects, move them down the conversion funnel, turn them into happy clients, obtain online reviews, and encourage referrals.

The Association shortcuts that process for you by making available a large and growing collection of specialty-specific content which includes:

  • Lead Magnets
  • Consumer booklets
  • Newsletters
  • Practice brochures
  • Referral letters
  • Infographics
  • Web content

The Association’s founding vendor members have contributed their most popular works to our rapidly-growing library. Now available are:

  • 14 Law Firms Succeeding with Online Marketing
  • 10 Best Practices for Law Firms Using Paid Search (PPC) in 2019
  • 7 Vital Elements of Productive PPC Campaigns for Law Firms
  • Easy Ways to Increase Conversions
  • Facebook Fan Pages for Lawyers
  • Lawyer Video Marketing
  • LinkedIn for Lawyers

Association members receive a monthly e-letter containing case studies, profiles, and how-to:

Case studies.  What is working in attorney marketing:

  • Novel Marketing Tactics Boost a New Law Firm to Leadership
  • Great Lessons from a Referral-Based Injury Practice
  • Combining Seminars and Newsletters Built this 100% Referral Practice
  • Attorneys Gain New Business by Educating Clients
  • Divorce and DUI Clients from Facebook

Profiles: This new section takes a close look at successful law firm managers and marketers:

  • Marketing Manager Succeeds with Loyalty Programs for Referrers, Surveys of Prospects Who Go Elsewhere, and Multiple Blogs

How-to.  Step-by-step instructions for implementing new techniques:

  • 5 New LinkedIn Strategies for Lawyers
  • Advanced Facebook Fan Page Techniques for Lawyers
  • Obtaining Favorable Online Reviews
  • How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Every two weeks a vetted Association member with special knowledge gives a 30-minute educational webinar followed by a Q&A session which typically lasts 20 minutes.  Past and coming topics include:

  • The Ultra Successful CEO’s Secret
  • How Case Management Systems Can Boost Marketing Power
  • Mastering Your Client Intake
  • Power of Social Media to Grow Your Practice
  • What Works For Law Firms Without Breaking The Bank
  • How to Use Google Local to Attract New Clients
  • Ways Facebook Ads Can Help Your Firm
  • Local SEO & Organic SEO – Where To Invest & Why?

View Past AEA Webinars

The Association encourages same-specialty, like-minded practitioners to work together at improving their practices by: sharing ideas, swapping results of marketing and process tests, recommending apps and software, and more. We facilitate that cooperation with:

  • Introductions of innovators
  • Moderated specialty roundtables
  • Profiles of innovators, with contact information
  • Mastermind meet-ups & regional conferences

Held over two days every on an annual basis, the Association’s conference focuses on practical, use-it-today improvements to make in your firm.

The recommendations are tailored to your practice, location, competitive environment, and administrative processes.  After each conference, you receive:

  1. Recommendations personalized to your firm prepared prior to the conference.
  2. Multiple opportunities to pose your specific questions to experts in both large sessions and in 5-10 lawyer breakout sessions.
  3. Take-home action checklist customized to your firm.
  4. Post-conference one-on-one sit-downs with experts to discuss their recommended action items.

Hear what our attendees had to say about our first annual EA Summit 2019.

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but rather try to become a person of value."

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These volunteers are currently providing strategic direction to the Association:

Travis Hise
Founder of the AEA

Jennifer Quinn

Denny Newberry

Tom Wallin Streaming Lawyer

Tom Wallin
Lead Council for Law Circle