The Association of Entrepreneurial Attorneys grew out of our dissatisfaction with what was being taught to lawyers by other lawyer associations.  Our tech-savvy and leading-edge founders find the messages and materials dated, basic, and repetitive.

We are creating something better.


We offer a wide range of cutting-edge marketing tools, timely webinar topics, helpful ebooks, and eye-opening case studies.  All are available at no extra charge.


We have designed a truly different conference experience that will send you home with suggestions customized to your law firm. Learn more about our upcoming Regional Conferences.


We are working hard to assemble a core group of truly-innovative practitioners and best-in-class vendors.

If you see yourself as an entrepreneur first and an attorney second, if you rarely learn anything new from the lawyers in your current circle, if you long to spend time with lawyers who are regularly experimenting and love to talk about their new ideas and recent results, you have found the right group.

We welcome your suggestions for developing an Association that delivers high-value guidance not available elsewhere.