10 Truths to Improve Your Law Firm Marketing 

The economy is treating many law firms well, with profits up and revenues high. Attorneys are willing to shell out plenty on marketing. It can be tempting to put the whole hog in large-scale marketing [...]

  • PPC Trends You Should Know About in 2019

PPC Trends You Should Know About in 2019

PPC marketing continued to grow throughout 2018. There were some massive changes, including AdWords rebranding to Google Ads and the new interface that came along with it. Bing Ads also saw significant changes with new [...]

  • 10 Online Marketing Tips for Law Firms

10 Online Marketing Tips for Law Firms

While law firms have focused on traditional marketing techniques for decades, a new era of marketing has been introduced. Now, the most efficient way to reach potential clients is online. However, there’s a lot [...]

Injury Niche Building

A multi-pronged approach materially raised the quality of personal injury leads coming into the firm, without reducing the quantity. In the personal injury world, there’s a lot of competition for cases, according to Jonathan Rosenfeld, [...]

Profile: Marketing Manager Maria Coppola

Working well for her multi-office immigration firm: loyalty programs for referrers, surveys of prospects who go elsewhere, and multiple blogs. Maria Coppola may not have known it when she first got into marketing, but she [...]

Profile: Director of Marketing Jeremy Ash

Building a digital and traditional injury marketing strategy from scratch, dumping thin content, ensuring consistent citations, leveraging social media, developing blogs, and adding live chat. Jeremy Ash, director of marketing at Guajardo & Marks in [...]